Slinger & Banksman

ALLMI LogoThis course, delivered by Outreach Ltd. covers how to work safely and efficiently as a slinger / banksman.

Those completing the ALLMI certified course will understand the statutory requirements and the need for safety training including types of slings, lifting tackle, selection and inspection. Also covered is the duties of a slinger, weight assessment, hand signals, methods of slinging, working with machine operators and much more.

The ALLMI course content is very comprehensive and so cardholders are able use their skills when working with any type of lifting equipment, not just lorry loaders. 

DURATION: 1-day for experienced candidates or a minimum of 2-days for novice candidates.


  • Legislation
  • Introduction to the Equipment
  • Pre & Post Operational Checks
  • Planning the Lift
  • Use of Lifting Accessories
  • Storage and Maintenance
  • Signaller Duties and Signals
  • Practical Application of Slinging
  • Practical Application of Signalling

Upon successful completion of the course every candidate will be registered on the ALLMI database and receive an identity card and certificate valid for five years, after which refresher training and assessments need to be undertaken. Candidates also receive the ALLMI Slinger / Signaller manual, used as a reference guide throughout their career.


For more information regarding Slinger & Banksman training, please call: +44 (0)1324 889000 or Email: