Outreach Pipehandlers

Offshore Oil & Gas

Versatile and efficient, Outreach Knuckle Boom Pipehandlers are designed specifically for high intensity handling of drill pipes, drill collars and casings. With fully hydraulic Outreach Pipe Grabs, these units combine the latest engineering and control system design to provide safe, fast, precise handling operations. 

They are built to operate in hazardous, hard working, continuous day or night operations, in all weather conditions, including up to 70mph wind speeds. As a result, the adverse weather and high wind speeds need no longer disrupt drilling operations, thus leading to increased productivity. Precise hydraulic rotation and boom dexterity make the Outreach Pipehandler a valuable, agile, high performance tool, for use on all types of offshore rig installations.

Personnel are no longer required to assist on the pipe deck with slinging and breaking down bundles. A single 'Operator' working from within an ergonomically designed control cabin, selects, sorts, rotates and transfers the tubular to the V-door or feeder. Tubulars can be picked from any position with ease, rotated continuously through 360° and placed precisely where required.

Meeting all of the main Classification Societies’ requirements, each model in the Outreach Pipehandler range also offers:

  • Safe, versatile, efficient, fast and precise
  • Meets Classification Societies’ requirements
  • Powerful hydraulic main unit and fully hydraulic pipe-grab 
  • Precise hydraulic rotation and operating dexterity
  • Latest engineering technology and control systems
  • Built for working 24/7 in hazardous, high intensity conditions
  • Designed to withstand all weather conditions and up to 70mph wind speeds
  • Efficient, safe single person operation
  • Superior, high spec paint finish

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