Health & Safety Policy

Outreach Ltd is involved in the design, supply, installation, service and maintenance of hydraulic lifting and access equipment, specialist vehicle bodies, and related training of personnel.

The Company operates from a number of locations across Scotland and England and our work can take employees and equipment to a variety of work environments across the UK and beyond. We aim to provide a healthy, safe and secure working environment for all employees and those who come into contact with ourselves, our workplace(s) or our working practices.

To achieve this business goal the Directors have put in place systems, policies and procedures and set aside appropriate finances to enable the Company to comply with all relevant health, safety and welfare legislation, regulations and codes of practice as specified by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Employees are required to co‚Äźoperate with the Company to comply with our legislative
requirements and to look after not only their own health, safety and welfare, but also that of any person(s) who may come into contact with them, their work or their working practices.

The Company will provide safe plant and equipment and ensure the safe handling and use of
substances where required as part of the work process. Employees will be given appropriate
training, instruction and supervision to enable them to perform their required tasks and will also be consulted on all matters that affect their health, safety and welfare.
The aim of the Company is to have zero accidents or dangerous occurrences and have no work related cases of ill health.

This Policy will be formally reviewed on a biennial basis and updated as appropriate.



GARY POTTS - Managing Director: Sales & Marketing
Managing Director: Operations